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Contained Illusions: Experimental Films and Photography by Susan Brockman, 1965-1999

Mar 16, 2024

Opening event: Friday April 5, 6-8PM

Dates: April 6 - May 11, 2024
Hours: Wednesday-Saturday, 11AM-5PM and by appointment
636 Broadway (at Bleecker), NYC 10012, Room 320

I thought this was a portrait of Frida Kahlo, 1992 C-prints mounted on Plexigl…

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Presenters include:

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Contained Illusions is the second exhibition at Soft Network with the Estate of Susan Brockman (1937-2001). This presentation features Brockman’s photo-based work from the 1990s alongside her films and video from the 1970s-1980s. Brockman was a prolific filmmaker, film editor, and photographer but was also extremely private and didn’t seek out critical attention. This exhibition provides space for discussion of an elusive artist’s legacy and the consideration of issues particular to film and photography archives. Brockman’s photographs and films are inviting yet enigmatic, melancholic yet playful. They capture something fundamental about film and photography and its primary ingredients of light, frame, illusion, and the pleasure of looking.