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Susan Brockman, Depot, 1975

Susan Brockman

Depot, 1975

16mm film transferred to 4K

11 min., black and white, sound


“In Depot, in the set delineated by gauzy curtains, a nude woman waits, longing for her metaphoric train to come in. The film is worked out in a series of tableaux, the long-shot camera position remains fixed from shot to shot, as elements within the frame move; the woman is seen in different expectant poses, the curtains blow, the lighting changes, smoke from the train billows into the room and disappears, the sound of the train approaches, stops and recess into the far distance and the woman finds herself in the same spot. The inspiration for the style of the film was the American dancer, Ruth St. Denis who was popular in the Thirties. I asked a woman, who had seen her dance, what Ruth St. Denis meant to her. She looked at me and replied, “Oh, for us she WAS Beauty.” On one level Depot is a reference to that ideal." - Susan Brockman