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Soft Network Presents: Artists on Camera, 1967-2021, Co-Programmed with Jason Evans, Metrograph, 2021

Still from with it which it as it if it is to be, Part II (Eve Fowler, USA, 201…

Whether focused on a single person or a group, the long tradition of artists depicting other artists offers an intimate perspective on a typically guarded world. These unique encounters with friends, peers, and their wider community bring an admiration shared by those on both sides of the camera. From quiet portraits filmed in studio environments that explore the nuances of an artist’s everyday life, to layered films that trace the influence of one artist’s work on another, this six-part program of shorts, mid-length, and feature films reveals how both the portrayers and the portrayed intersect.

Co-programmed by Jason Evans, this series is presented in conjunction with Soft Network’s summer project, Interior Scroll or What I Did on My Vacation, which includes exhibitions at Halsey McKay Gallery, Easthampton; Rachel Comey, Soho; S&S Corner Shop, Springs, NY; and Broadway gallery, Tribeca. Soft Network is a cooperative platform established by Chelsea Spengemann and Sara VanDerBeek for connective arts programming. They work between past and present to explore ways in which the archive and archival interactions can become integral modes of exchange, collaboration, creativity, and commerce.

Program 1 – In the Studio

Anne Truitt, Working (Jem Cohen, USA, 2009, 13 min)
Enigmatic Whisper (Rosa Barba, USA, 2017, 8 min)
What Means Something (Ben Rivers, UK, 2015, 66 min)
You She Smile Goodbye Remember (Gillian Garcia, USA, 2020, 13 min)
Howardena Pindell (Hermine Freed, USA, 1972, 16 min)

Program 2 – Portraits

The Ancestors Came (Cecile Emeke, USA, 2017, 6 min)
I’ll Remember You as You Were, Not as What You’ll Become (Sky Hopinka, USA, 2016, 12 min)
Ishmael in the Garden: A Portrait of Ishmael Houston-Jones (Adam Pendleton, USA, 2018, 24 min)
with it which it as it if it is to be, Part II (Eve Fowler, USA, 2019, 31 min)
Jane Brakhage (Barbara Hammer, USA, 1975, 9 min)
Sexual Healing (Shigeko Kubota, USA, 1998, 4 min)

Program 3 – In Dialogue

One Day Pina Asked… (Chantal Akerman, France/Belgium, 1989, 57 min)
Hemlock Forest (Moyra Davey, USA, 2016, 41 min)

Program 4 – Together

Vivian’s Garden (Rosalind Nashashibi, UK, 2017, 30 min)
Dream City (Ulysses Jenkins, USA, 1983, 5 min)
Listen To This (Tom Rubnitz & David Wojnarowicz, USA, 1992, 16 min)
Hello from Bertha (Mark Morrisroe, USA, 1983, 17 min)
Endless Possibilities: Jack Waters and Peter Cramer (MM Serra, USA, 2021, 16 min)
Children of NAN: Search for the Mother (Alisha B. Wormsley, USA, 2018, 39 min)

Program 5 – Streets & Meadows

Meadows Green (DeeDee Halleck & George Griffin, USA, 1975, 23 min)
Festival of Mask (Don Amis, USA, 1982, 25 min)
Songdelay (Joan Jonas, USA, 1973, 19 min)
Murals of Aztlán: The Street Painters of East Los Angeles (James Tartan, USA, 1981, 23 min)
The Town I Live In (Guadalupe Rosales & Matt Wolf, USA, 2017, 10 min)
Shopping Bag Spirits And Freeway Fetishes: Reflections On Ritual Space (Barbara McCullough, 1981)

Program 6 – Woman/Artist/Filmmakers, Curated by Martha Edelheit and Rosalind Schneider

Selfportrait (Maria Lassnig, Austria/USA, 1971, 5 min)
Lil Picard, Art Is a Party (Silvianna Goldsmith, USA, 1975, 13 min)
Sno-White (Crimson) (Martha Edelheit, USA, 1973, 7 min)
Plumb Line (Carolee Schneemann, USA, 1968-71, 14 min)
Depot (Susan Brockman, USA, 1975, 10 min)
Circles II (Doris Chase, USA, 1972, 14 min)
Wings of Thought (Olga Spiegel, USA, 1976, 9 min)
Parallax (Rosalind Schneider, USA, 1973, 21 min)